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Withdrawal and Deposit

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  • Withdrawal and Deposit

    In every character it must have a chest to withdrawal or to deposit their gold or my gold so that when other player attack my castle not much gold they can get from me and if u will contribute to your guild all your gold and u dont know that you will be kick by your guild . .

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    so when YOU or I plunder someone we get only 1 golD? u like that?
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      That is what your warehouse is for if I am not mistaken.
      The higher the level of the warehouse the more % of gold that is safe in your city.

      For example at lv60 or 65 I think it is only 10% of your total gold that can be plundered in 1 attack. So if you have 1mil gold, only 100k can be plundered.

      This may be wrong, but that was the impression I have been given previously.


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        Participate in guild chat.

        Make yourself known to your guildies.

        Make yourself an integral part of guild life.

        Then you won't get kicked...
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          I dont care how mutch gold i get is only a bonus i plunder just for Kynati
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            i think thats not possible, thats why we have to use city protect token when we away.
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