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Give VIP players more.

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  • Give VIP players more.

    Seriously give VIP players a bit more for their buck, give us unlimited missions, or something and half XP, or allow us to run unlimited dungeons and such.

    I find it annoying that I do like all the achivements daily, finish 20 bounties, do arena, duels, and everything and then have nothing else left to do so whats the point of playing the game then if you cant PVP or anything fun other than no XP kill monsters which drop nothing at all then its stupid.

    Or allow VIP players to run dungeons still collect drops but no XP.

    Give VIP Players Unlimited MultiPlayer Dungeons or something so we can continue to enjoy playing the game after we do daily limits.
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    Totally disagree that it should be given to VIP players.

    Vip already has a bonus to exp gained and I can see no valid reason to increase this further.

    However I do think that extra runs in MP and SP would be a welcome addition for ALL players.


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      I'd love an option for VIPs to turn off WP... :/


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        Buff the VIP reward me skeletton keys 9 keys a weak is noting wen 70 coming you need 7 keys per open.

        If you spend arount 500.000 balans if not more for go frome VIP 1 to VIP 9.

        or play like 2 years me full VIP time with out lose it man should be rewarded me bettre weekly rewards is it alredy.

        Am self half my way to lvl 8 and is 79 days frome lvl 7 to 8 with out spend balans is 100 days .

        And man dosent get any reward some its worth that.

        100.000 balans for speed it up me one lvl.
        Character - Taggen
        Server - S100 Goulpass Keep
        Class - Archer
        Battle Rating -2.4M BR
        Slyph - Orange Electro, Light, Dark
        Highest CW ranking - 26th