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VIP in the shop.

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  • VIP in the shop.

    Im putting this poll up cause it seems like this could be a valid option to get your VIP status. So vote accordingly

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    They want you to pay for VIP.

    Not for you to get your VIP via free balens offer.
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      Yes I agree VIP should be put in cash shop rather than a monthly automatic subscription.

      For example a person buys balens then purchases the pack they get VIP for one month, and once it expires they can buy again to renew and continue where they left off at X Vip Level.

      I dont like the monthly automatic renewal because of playing three different characters.


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        I do pay month to month right now, but the option to buy VIP with balens for only 30 day's membership seems a good option, not everyone wants/can pay each month. And even with free offers, you would need to do a hell of a lot in order to get enough free balens for VIP, so that wouldn't be a issue.


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          Yes I agree it would be a great idea to have this as well I was just reviewing it and I noticed it said my account would be automatically renew, however I did not consent to automatic renewal and it didn't say on the AD automatic renewal while it is only $7 and I know I can cancel the issue is that it doesn't say this info to new players, and if a player plays more than one character they want VIP on then they get stuck with a massive $21 a month even if they only want VIP a couple of months on a couple of other characters or would have to file a ticket for each one because they cant manually cancel.

          VIP does need to be put into the cash shop so we can preform one time transactions with Balens.


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            I should like to see VIP to in card like china have it.

            And you get VIP Points wen you buy it and you can renew it for more that 30 days in row.

            I should easy buy 12 card direcly and have it for a full year direcly.
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              From what the Chinese have,
              They have lvl 1 vip for 298 balens for 30 days
              Then 598 balens for lvl 5 i think for 30 days
              and Vip 9 for 1589 balens for 30 days.
              You would make so much more money for this game IMO $_$
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                Other servers give to players the choise to buy VIP with ballens .. is not fair to make ppls go vip with subscription .. put it on shop and i bet u see a lot of ppl to buy it.. most ppl prefer this than subscribe!! try it and u dont lose!