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Improve BattleGrounds.

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    Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
    Agreed. You can spend thousands, couple nubs join the fight, they get taken out. Then it becomes 4v1 and you lose.. You're matched up with random people so you can't have a set party. Also you're put on teams randomly if you do try plan it.

    This is even worse than 1v1 because you're relying on others to win. Not your own skill/cash etc
    Same works in reverse though. The enemy team is joined by a couple of noobs who get taken out and you win.

    Also if your fighting 4v1 and then a couple of noobs join your team, in fact your chances of winning said fight go up, not down!


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      What would work was if there was a battle rating balance rather than level. Since VIP's are outside the levelling system.
      Would like to see the small screen on the right moved out of the way, its difficult to see where you are going.
      Also the shout screen in the bottom left corner, could be removed whilst battle commences as it also gets in the way, and who is reading it when in battlegrounds anyway.
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