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Accepting multiple bounty quests at the same time

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  • Accepting multiple bounty quests at the same time

    Two suggestions that are related.

    Being able to accept Multiple bounty quests at the same time would be awesome. ( just two would be awesome)
    We have to abandon quests, like killing monsters, in order to do one we can do right now.

    In Erandel it becomes impossible to kill monsters of the same level. (at level 69 only level 60 managogs can do the job and nothing above)
    Please provide monsters of higher level in Erandel. I also hope that, if this situation is corrected, the new monsters don't be overpowered.

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    I should like to pick quest to, is awsome if man can pick all quest man want to do.

    And run Wild for kill monster and one one is done next quest start ticking. And man dont need go back to city for pick next one.

    Even if i use complete now buttons is should be awsome pick all and complete all That just take deleviery take new one.
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