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guild battle suggestions

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  • guild battle suggestions

    I have several suggestions pertaining to guild battles:

    I am sure in many servers, there is a dominant guild that wins the guild battle every week. My suggestion is if the same guild keeps winning the guild battle week after week, all members who participate should have all of their stats reduced. For example:
    2 wins in a row: 10% reduced stats
    3 wins in a row: 20% reduced stats
    and so forth. It would be nice to see different guilds in the same server win the guild battle each week. Who agrees/disagrees?

    I believe that the lowest ranked guild's should receive moderate hp potion packs or something equivalent.

    It also would be nice if in the future that once a server hits a certain age, the guild battles will be against other guilds in different servers.

    Any member who gets kicked from their guild and jumps into another guild should not be allowed to participate in guild battles. (Any member who does leave, wait 24 hours or buys the item to eliminate this) should be allowed to participate in guild battles once they join the new guild.


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    1. That first idea is kinda out of rational thinking, if stats are so hardly grown, it would balance things?

    2. Rewards for low ranks, it's a good idea, but don't overreact the number of prizes given

    3. A GB between servers? i mean, the first 5 on one server against the first 5 on another? if these are big guilds, it's gonna be a verry big crowd, so it's kinda out of place. And at what age? Did you think of a certain number?

    4. I agree on the ''restriction'' for kicking or leaving from a guild. They should join another after 12 hours. 24 it's a bit too long.
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      hard-working guild, helps each co-members, having fun in guild, trying to be strong as a GUILD(as a whole guild)


      not so active guild, logging only during GBs/bg/wb etc, members don't cooperate

      according to your suggestion, you are making both those kind of guilds equal... SUPER EPIC FAIL suggestion!


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        -1 to all your suggestions.

        That's because what you're saying is that the strong guilds (i.e the guilds with the craziest cashiers) should be penalized.
        Since this is an insane P2W game, this effectively destroys the "model".

        Your suggestion would work if this is a completely NO-PAY game.
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          all the guild member's effort will be put to waste.. seriously i cant get over this suggestion LOL


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            I'm thinking someone just wants to be number one.............problem is if the OP got to the number one guild he'd penalize himself.. Think about it.

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              Eh, I say give the winning guilds 10% INCREASE for each win, they're on fire!! How many games actually penalize you for having a streak? Usually it's a boost?


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                Only suggestion i'd agree with is preventing players to guildjump for GBs.
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                  I agree those who guild jump just to keep those on top in power is rather annoying..

                  I played on a few servers where the top guilds in guild battle would aim mostly to spawn camps instead of actually taking out ward..I think for these players there should be a penalty for a battle(s) or if players get killed anywhere behind their ward tower...and if they continue to ignore the warning and penalties have them actually be taken out of the mini tournament tell next week (being the players who killed those behind ward or the entire guild if its a certain amount of players).