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Nightmare Mode Mps

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  • Nightmare Mode Mps

    does nightmare mode give a better chance of getting the lvl 60 gear?

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    Who knows?
    I've only ever see one person get a piece of equipment from Mp 50+ onwards, and that was a mage getting the Archers brooch.


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      I've seen 2 drop on my server. 1 was one of the top archers getting an archer piece. How lucky.

      But with NM Den and NM Temple being run now, we've not seen anymore pop up. So I would guess, if the rate is increased, it's still so incredibly low you wouldn't notice.


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        better waste your time on colect crystaloids, im 33,5k br, archer 58 lvl frezzing now like 3 weeks always run GoD/GoD NM if have help from stronger players, and never seen full drop, deal with it and go craft items


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          I don't think it does improve your chances, but you will get a lot more Crystaloids from nightmare mode, and you will get the legendary stones.

          Instead of hoping for the near impossible, just keep working hard for the gear
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