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Make Arena All Day Or Every 6 hours.

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  • Make Arena All Day Or Every 6 hours.

    Arena is only like One or Two Hours but what about people who do not log on until 8 PM.

    More Arena, More Boss Fights, and so on limit the number that players can do but make them occur more often.

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    I think maybe increase time duration but its also running into normal guild tree time or even guild battles..They do not need more boss fights due to they will need to increase their player base and they already have it high enough as it is to a point where many minor glitches are happening and not being addressed


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      Sounds some okey for me for everybody works diffrens times, come home diffrens time, and every country dosent have same times zoon to.

      more of everthing just make its easier for everbody to get it done.
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        You will have to spend 10 mins for matching if group arena is all day.
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