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Ability To Add Some Sort of Auction House

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  • Ability To Add Some Sort of Auction House

    I came from many types of MMORPGs and everyone one of them had one thing in common. Auction Houses or even self made shops. My question to you is there a possibility in some future patch that they may add some form of auction houses or something of the like. I have noticed that alot of items that we pick up is either bound or unbound to the player which means they should have the ability to sell them to other players via an auction house or else why is there even a bound or unbound option. There are several things out there that would be nice to either give to someone "alts" or be able to give other guildmates instead of wasting them by selling them that way we as a guild can work together. An opinion would be appreciated. Also other opinion would be beneficial as well. Thank you for your input and i look forward to the possibility of this taking place.

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    Their is an auction house in game already but was never implemented in game as of yet due to "bugs" that were found in it. This been stated since the game came out and they keep stating that it will come "soon". Soon meaning we don't know and probably scraped the idea ll together. Don't hold your breath on an AH coming out anytime soon. If we do get one probably won't be until xmas seasons or something like that. They still need to milk there players for more cash before they can implement the AH since the AH runs on gold fees and balens. Meaning you put items up for gold fee and can make balens through cashers using it. Thus, they will lose a tiny tiny bit of profit and R2 is too greedy to let some of there profits go away.


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      That "bug" is about r2 getting less money from players, because players would buy crafted pieces from auction house for gold, not for balens from mystery shop. And similar with crystaloids and legendary stones...


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        there's no auction house because r2 is dumb and stupid. auction house with balens as currency of exchange would actually make r2 earn MORE, not less. just look at how fallensword's marketplace works and they will understand.