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Better Arena Matching.

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  • Better Arena Matching.

    I find it hard to believe that lower level players get matched with high levels who just one hit everyone and they get the same amount of honor/tokens.

    We need better match making based on levels and possibly gear if possible instead of all these instant 1 hit kill no reward 3 archer/mage groups.

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    What's the levels you usually team up with and what are the levels of the opponents you face?


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      High enough to one hit us all with level 35 arena gear

      And take like no damage.
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        OK, but to be fair that doesn't say a whole lot... You could just be facing extremely strong, highly overpowered opponents of your own level... I know that's possible, because that's exactly what my Arena team does to our opponents. So, can you be more specific? Do you, as for instance a level 38 face 50+ ppl? Have you perhaps asked for their level when you faced them?

        Afaik, arena matching goes on level. If you're a level 39 and you have a level 40+ in your team, you'll face some 40+ opponents. If you take a 45+ in your team, you'll face some 45 opponents, etc, etc, etc.


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          Matchmaking is level-based... So go with people around your level. If you lose all the time, then it's because you are weaker than average at that level.
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            iv seen our group of 64 face off against what i think were 30-40s they hit us with rof for 200hp a tick our mage bbq all 3 of them with rof for 12k a tick been happening a lot since 1.5 came in and the broken button in the run of 30 we normally get 5 or 6 of these types of fight but we also get it the other way and get thrown against lvl 70s with 60kbr so all fair

            our grp is always balanced br and lvl there is somthing in the matching going on. ill try and grab a screenie in the next arena
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              the server matching is balance it like today u won most of your attempt tomorrow u got lost and nxt day u are lucky and so on and so forth... you cant always win
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                we win 80-90% all week but we do play as the same team every arena each week


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                  Originally posted by Erasmus123 View Post
                  the server matching is balance it like today u won most of your attempt tomorrow u got lost and nxt day u are lucky and so on and so forth... you cant always win
                  -_- Once again a post that doesn't make sense. It's not matched on "Hey, today you get to win most of your attempts!!" or "Meh, you gonna lose lots today, buddy... Sucks to be you, eh!" It's level based. If you face strong teams: you lose. If you face teams similar to you: you can have some fun, close battles. If you face a weak team: you win.


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                    This much is true, I have always looked for players around my level (even players from the guild I'm in suggested that), because LEVEL determines battles, so please, ask for players round your level rather than being crushed by superior ones when you want to have fun in arena.
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