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Suggestions for 1.6 Patch Upgate/Upgrade

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    Originally posted by Alterburner View Post
    I have, at the moment, a lot of suggestions to place, and will have further more to post, SO I would like the DEVELOPERS/MODERATORS to place close attention to this and any other thread related to any suggestion, since I'm not seeing man of them implemented nor decent changes:

    Triple up every single Hot event, with even more attempts:
    World Boss event, why are there only three bosses when players are online from GMT-12 to GMT+12? Nine Bosses would be decent, if the gains had to be lower (brainstorming here) at ~10% less than current gains.

    Crypt Attempts/Crypt Keys/Skeleton Keys: WHY only one attempt per day, and completely hard/er after ~L27, L28 for non-mages NOR decently equipped players?
    Don't forget that to reach higher crypt levels equipment is necessary and the token gain is simply not enough to obtain the most basic items of the current level of the player doing their daily crypt run.

    More BattleGround ATTEMPTS and more Battleground events, if the HARD payers/players want to stop hammering on the lower lvl/less equipped players: WE CAN'T HAVE THE EQUIPMENTS BECAUSE THERE AREN'T ENOUGH WAYS TO GET THE NECESSARY CURRENCY.

    WAY MORE Group Arena events and MORE ATTEMPTS, even if you have to balance the Insignia gain when increasing the number of attempts.
    The reason for "SUGGESTING" more events than the current existing ones is the following:

    IF THIS IS A MMO type of game, you're only making the events schedule to cater SOME of the players: Either the HEAVY levelers or the HEAVY payers.

    Because the way that the game is currently scripted, it will fade away very soon, no matter if you make 300 or 3Million servers, it will start to get monotonous and will "force" the players "that will not have "anything left to do after doing everything that can give anything" around.

    OH, also forgot one thing: Decrease the cool-down time for the majority of everything in-game, since that is one of the reasons why so many free-players are starting to quit the game, besides the lack of currency gathering.

    AS IT WAS SAID: These are only brainstormed suggestions, any and all comments are more than welcome, as long as bashing up is kept to a bare minimum.

    you should know better than to put your ideas on the forums don't you know trolls live here