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Guild Battle Suggestion #2

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  • Guild Battle Suggestion #2

    Another suggestion to improve guild battles.

    For Guild Masters and Assistants only;

    In the bottom corner or top corner, how about adding a little screen that shows what's occuring during Guild Battle?

    Blue Dots would represent your team
    Red Dots would represent enemy team

    I just think this would be a really nice feature, to see where the majority of your/opponents are so you can coordinate better. "They're swarming the bottom, strong players get down there, lowbies go up top" for example.

    You'd be able to see the entire map of course, or maybe in the surrounding areas of your own guild members.

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    They should charge 5,000 balens per battle for that feature.


    • #3
      Why the heck should they charge?


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        Nice idea but look at all the other posts about lagging in BG etc.

        How accurate do you think that map would be, and what cost would it have when adding to that lagg!

        If they could sort out the problems that are present now, then this could be a nice feature.

        It should also not just be for GM or AGM, but for all players in the GB.
        The reason it should be available to all - 1 guild will take it upon themselves to promote all participants to AGM just for the duration of the battle to gain an advantage.