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Gaining Daru

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  • Gaining Daru

    What is the best single player campaign to play to get daru in for a level 57? What about a level 47?

    If a new single player campaign becomes available after level 57 that gets even more daru, which one would that be?

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    At that level, you can gain daru through:

    1. World Bosses - if you can manage the 1% this could be over 4M per day. Usually it's a lot less, but still the best source of daru.
    2. Crops - I still use gold, but crops really give a lot (about 1M per day). Also, stealing other people's crops (about 180k per day).
    3. Duels - based on luck, but I actually got over 200k per day from this more than once. My average is a bit below 100k, though.
    4. Buradoth (lvl 48 SP) - sometimes I get 10k daru when i open chests for gold, but many dungeons have that option. I'd still recommend this one, since it's by far the best for it's other bonuses (gold, items).

    At level 60 you get additionally:

    1. Moonevil Den (MP Campaign): A maximum of 90k daru per run, but possibly 0. Averages at about 50k.
    2. Lvl 60 Singleplayer map: 30k daru every run (like Buradoth for gold).

    Could be I missed a few things, such as monsters in the wilds, the guild wheel, daily rewards (50k!) and monthly rewards, but that's something you should get anyway (except for those monsters, they drop too little). I know you asked for SP campaigns, I forgot for a while there :P
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      Graveyard MP dungeon. 21.5k to 45k guaranteed everytime.
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