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Level 70 Gear & Trinket Enchanting to +21?

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    Originally posted by shynnblu View Post
    i doubt they would let us get legend stone from arena and bg or from doing any kind of pvp. because they want to make us pay for it. probably more miracle shards events. what a rip-off.
    7roads is what tells R2 what to do. I agree that R2 is greedy but if 7roads tells them to release the content as is from the Chinese server then we probably will get the same stuff in the Chinese server. R2 just copies/pastas mostly. Goes with a lot of games.


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      Originally posted by winlord View Post
      When will you freaking stupid people realize that R2 has no control over that?
      when i say r2, i really meant r2 or 7road or which ever intermediate party that comes inbetween these two to decide what events goes on. i used to say r2/7road in my posts, but now i don't really care whether its r2 r3 or 7road 8road because the truth is that what we get here is indeed a rip-off version of the game you can't deny that no matter who manages the events. but well if you guys are skeptical then we shall wait and see if you get 70 leg stone from bg/arena or from using balens.

      and, before calling other stupid, be sure to catch the main point yourself first.