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jeffhawk retires. YuriHawk™ takes over.

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  • jeffhawk retires. YuriHawk™ takes over.

    Hi all,

    I have retired because I want to spend more time with my family; retirement is mother's day (May 12) gift to my wife. I played this game since day 1 of S2's opening. Now that I experienced the full patch 1.5, here are some fun facts about jeffhawk:

    Completed spire 11, necro 10, level 70+ dungeons (Normal)
    Completed full legendary 60+ set.
    Completed full set of seven lvl 8 orange astrals and tried out new red astrals
    Key stats at retirement: Mage Base BR 81.5k, Level 72, and Talent 67 with Holy Seal 52
    Proudest moment in game: Organize runs to help guildies and non-guildies farm at Demon Temple NM summoner, so that they can have legendary 60 equipment too.
    Biggest disappointment in game: Slow updates and lack of innovative content
    Greatest epiphany in game: Both cashing and hard work matters (I complete every single daily task - duels, bg, mpd, solo, cata, necro - to the maximum everyday)

    Yes, I am a heavy casher. Throughout my Wartune career, I have cashed for myself, guild, and guildies (especially non-cashers). So I hope that you will not view cashing as a bad thing but as a way to get stronger (especially for difficult dungeons), as well as help fellow players.

    I am passing my toon to my friend and fellow guildie, Yuri (and hence, the new name, YuriHawkâ„¢) in the hope that he will continue the tradition of helping fellow players, and of course, keep toon strong.

    I would like to thank all my friends on my server for a wonderful time. I wish all of you the best in your future endeavors.

    Best, jeffhawk
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    We will miss you Jeffhawk! it's always a pleasure to fight against your team in GA. you are always welcome back if one day u change your mind. good luck and take care for now =)


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      Hi, sorry to see you go but the giving away of accounts is against the Terms of Service. your gifting has been reported.
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