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Purification Runes

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    Originally posted by Grisbourne View Post
    I think everyone knows what I am talking about, especially with the exodus of so many people lately. Flame this all you want, but it would be great to have a set of PvE only runes that can puri and scatter. That would save so much time and let probably 50% of all servers hit MP's their level.
    That be stupid and what's the point of this being a mmo? I mean you go in multi dungeons to do multi player. It isn't meant for single player and if you want to solo stuff go play another game. You take away specific skills from other classes then it will make mages and archers obsolete. You won't even need a mage or archer if you had these runes to use.


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      Even with scatter/purify runes, archers/mages will be still needed. Plus 1.6 patch might bring dilemma to lot of players... It will be helpful, but I am glad, that we don't have that one patch yet...


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        Yes!! Scattershot Runes!! or atleast remove the "immune to stun" buff on every bosses.
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