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r2games is breaking the law, there is no warning

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  • r2games is breaking the law, there is no warning

    r2 game wartune is very addicting, yet there is no warning, u have gambling on here also, in usa there are warnings when there is gambling, u charge to use vip wheel, that is gambling, u have to pay to play, it is also rigged, that is also against us laws, i am sending a letter to my states attornieys office and also the better business burual, i think its time u guys had to follow the laws here, or shut u down and have to give all money back

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    Yeah I remember Jared saying something about the gambling being illegal but they found a way around it, I'd have to go check his vid again. But pretty sure they got away with it..

    Only laws I've seen broken are promising rewards upon recharging, and not actually paying out those rewards.


    • #3 let them know about scams, they are very addicting game ,and a rigged vip wheel is against the law,u pay for it, there should be warnings and when we ask for an address and phone number we should be given one, they refuse to give u one, so they are breaking laws, we just have to get to the rote people, there is a scam line for better business bureu, u can leave a comnplaint there with no address, they require an address other spots, they can get the address and the info we need, so make sure u go there and tell them whats up


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        Actually, bonuses don't fall under any law, nor do events or rewards. You recharge, you get balens. You buy balens and as long as you receive those balens, then there's no law being broken. You buy VIP, you receive the VIP benefits- no law being broken there either.

        VIP wheel isn't gambling. Gambling is a direct pay and chance to win something. The wheel always gives something and you get the tokens for it for free. You can't recharge $99.99 and lose it all spinning the wheel. The ability to spin the wheel is just a perk for having VIP.
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          how about we report your scams for trying to defraud your bank by saying you never made purchases that you did?

          how many thread are you going to make?


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            You do not need to keep on spamming your links many times on the same thread when one time is clearly more than enough. You should also study the Terms of Use as what MemoryLane states is quite true.

            Regardless, you also violated the Forum Rules which can be viewed HERE for powerposting / spamming your links/posts numerous times when it was unnecessary to do so. With that being said, your posts will be deleted without further notice.

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