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Server(s) Down?

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  • Server(s) Down?

    Around 1hour ago S204 crashed down and been now unable to get back into the server.. Was wondering is other servers having same problem? or other people from S204 unable to connect to the server?

    It just informed me network connection lost and after that havnt been able to connect to the server.
    Eweyon S204
    Eweyon S233

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    Both kabam-s10 and R2 S194 had a momentary (couple of minutes) inaccessibility from my location about 90-ish minutes ago. It was a minor inconvenience (cut off a clearly losing arena duel for Xaichazarai).


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      I can connect to S1, but been getting black screens after finished loading.
      Temple of Ibalize


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        For S204 i dont even get loading up. just white screen and my browser says "unable to connect". Tried different browser etc, but samething
        Eweyon S204
        Eweyon S233


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          Tried to open ticket for the S204 issue, but it tells me i dont have character in that server even that i do have. So it's kinda annoying. hope the GM:s or so would look up this topic :/
          Eweyon S204
          Eweyon S233


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            I also have problem connecting to Server 204 Royal Basin!

            If they have problem they should have a place where we can look for server problems.

            If they don't already have that :P
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            P.S Yes, I am a very angry customer as of now, since I have been treated like a dead ant in the woods by the DEVS D.S