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  • Collect Soldier's Medallions

    I have a dude whit this event, You can get 1 Medallons for day and 2 whit special Balens Event, Now need 120 for buy Frost Lynx Card, and how is possible take 120 yes you reach only 107 Medallons max O.o

    Challenge the Spire X7
    Dungeon Slayer X7
    Show us Your Devotion X23
    Equinox Alchemy X14 (Only if you spend balens)
    Rule the Battleground x7
    Hero's Call x7
    Equinox Daru Alchemy x14 (Only if you spend balens)
    Login Bonus x7 (Only Vip Players)
    Online Bonus x7
    Mystery Shopper x14 (Only if you spend balens)

    adding all get 107 and how take 13 more? need buy Box from Shop? and players w/o spend balens or non vip no can get 49 Medallons, Why no can complete 3 quest and no received Login Bonus LOOOOL

    if I'm wrong, please correct me why no can take Frost Lynx in this event yes no spend much balens realy? :P No good for me and much free players only for +15 svcking stats Thanks all :P

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    This is P2W game.
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      No pay No win. ^__^


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        Originally posted by SuperMimi View Post
        No pay No win. ^__^ pay no win and no play the way to ppl that only who have balens can win and become even more stronger


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          my solution is simpler, don't spend here, and eventually you will get:
          option 1: greediness win over business and this company shut down the game arguing that is is not worth the inversion (and all that players that spent hundreds/thousands of cash found themselves owners of nothing but their memories)
          option 2: business over greediness and they rethink their model and balance prices to win most in the end

          My personal opinion, is that after watching the evolution of this company since last december, option 1 has all the tickets to be the more reasonable outcome, complaining here will not work, send them tickets will not work, amigos don't spent a dimme here, and sure as hell r2 will start worrying about, i only have to watch around to see that every cash event they push on, more players quit the game and less get the items, just check mounts around in game, very few players got alpacas, nearly all got reindeers, not many piggies, a decent bunch manage to get chocobos (losing a few friends in the process but that is another story), and now this white tiger with lousy stats that abosutely nobody will get unless they spent an indecent amount of money for a pixelated image again.

          Even a Michael Bay film is not as expensive as this game (metaforically speaking), if any casher is reading this this, please check how many money do you have spent in this game, check your bank account, make some numbers, now think what you could make with all that money, holydays in bahamas?, new state of the art personal computer?, half the bloody catalog of any videogame console?, see my point?

          Micropayments that doesn't unbalance the game are ok and a lot of us will gladly pay for those as support for a free online game, but 500 real cash for a mount??, add costume sets, gems, etc....
          Of course the money is yours to spend as you want, but when 80% non casher/mid casher quit this game and you don't had any easy targets to beat on, and when this company doesn't earn enough money with the small number of ppw players and close this game, don't cry or say i did not warn you all, because power without powerless people around to boss off is not fun at all, and the purpose of any game is to become fun.
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          The only thing this company will give for free is a huge amount of LAG


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            Every day i see less ppl here, and is the only cause that servers need mergue, if just have a Auction house here like on Wartune BR(Legend BR) where ppl can sell items for balens this event can exist...but this form only made more ppl to leave, the server 159 start in middle of pig mount event, one got it, the Chocobo most ppl that got lose some friends, but now is the wartune that gonna lose players


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              The problem no is charge, Example one event whit good rewards need expend 500 balens oks is good and just, why any guy can take 5usd, The problem is items for event need expend more of 50usd o.o for take items, and more of 100usd for others items, How is possible? Last event for Chocobo just for all why you can buy all items whit time and playing event, Now yes or yes need expend for this Mount or Cloaths O.o

              PD: The problem no is free users or balens users, Why all read ALL GAMES have up items for guys expended real cash and here whit events how last event ancient spirit can take cloaths or mounts, The problem is now.. Yes or Yes need expend BALENS for take new mount thats no good for muchs players.


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                You dont need the mount. The mount this month isn't even that good. Plus it's only +15 stats. Sure they stack with other mounts but still isn't worth it. You can get a +10 mount from shop instead for much cheaper. If you really want stats for that amount of balens then go buy the mystery shop wildfire mount. That gives +50 stats and is more or less worth it. This event still benefits non cashers though. You can still get clothing and you can still get a lot of gold/whips from it. So no reason to cry too much about it. Non cashers just won't get the mount which will most likely look totally different than the way it looks in the stable anyway.


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                  and many top spenders in S100 has quit to spend balans if them not get it free them dosent get them.

                  I know alot of players some start spend lesser becouse everthing should not be about balans. Man should aless give all a chance to get it free and if them dosent want a boring stuff let them chooes to buy away it.

                  I buy my chicken becouse i dont like to be awake 24/7 for try steal 200 a day for get it free but i know some people was aaway and make it for free.

                  And its like that man should make a game all should be ablet to make it. What ever them chooes to do.
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                    The biggest problem is that those who spend the most make the level system pointless.
                    When a level 32 can beat a level 40 it makes it a bit pointless.


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                      im not spending a dimme if i spend any money on games it will be on some really cool game for Xbox360 wich i own, at leaast i got something on my hand and nobody can take it,

                      just imagine the feeling of the people who spend money in here, when this game stops evolving or doesnt have enough players to carry on with it or people just get bored and dont play it anymore. that happens with the games i buy for my consoles but at least those i can trade-in on a strore for some new ones or simply trade it with a friend.

                      imagine you sppent hundreds of dollars or euros (whatever) in this game and now you just dont feel like playing it anymore (i've been playing for two weeks and its already getting boring) just as an example in battlegrounds when i see that there are alot of cashers playing and they are kicking my teams *** i dont leave the spawn area why should i, i prefer to stay there watch a bit of tv and in 15 or 20 minutes i have 30 honor and 30 insignia i would lose anyway. and like me isaw a lot of people doing this wich is areally bad sign.

                      one thing i think it could be done to make it free for everyone is use some of the on screen space with advertisement the company gets their money from sponsors to pay expenses and every one in game would be equal, the more u play the better u get and in my opinion that would increase the lifespan of the game wich would bring more money from sponsors.

                      another thing i've played some games on-line but none of them had this kind of diference beetwen cashers and non cashers.

                      and for the guy who said this was a whining tread i just like to remind him that there are thousands of games on line if every one stops playing this one he would be all alone fighting himself i guess.


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                        This is a P2W game. That's all you need to know.
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                          i totally agree with Machairodus nice post my friend


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                            And soon it will be pcp


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                              this game is free to play ....... nobody is forcing you to pay. You havent had to go to a shop and spent cash buying it thus it is free. Now if you wish to pay some money you then get awesome extra features. And before you slate people that pay remember this ..... its them paying wartunes tech teams wages. No coiners = No game for you to play Quit
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