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Beware: S15/S9 TimeOut-Summoner scammer and con artist

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  • Beware: S15/S9 TimeOut-Summoner scammer and con artist

    A legendary set gives us the edge among other players, so why should we allow players who want to scam people just to get ahead? BEWARE!

    Server 9&15 peeps, beware of this player -TimeOut (who also uses aliases Valbo and Darkkyon). A level 58 mage who would invite people for Garden of Death Nightmare runs. He would go ask around and invite players then piggyback farming the summoner (WITHOUT ADVISING the person who used their keys that HE doesn't have any keys to him)and when the other player has run out of keys He would kick them then go get another player with keys. If someone in the party asks to do lastboss, He would REFUSE to heal and not help with lastboss, Once done with your "key contributions" or if you question what He is doing, HE WILL KICK YOU OUT OF THE MP. I experienced this today with such player.

    I was asked by a guildie to help them in last boss, I was done with my MP runs so I decided to help. When i entered the gameplay, I was immediately sucked into the last boss battle. I noticed said player, TimeOut, not healing or helping at all, He would just do auto single attacks. As shown in screen shots below, He said "HE WONT HEAL", needless to say, all of us died. When I asked why He wont heal, He just keeps repeating He wont heal, one of the players got kicked out and a new player came in, upon learning from my guildmate, that I was the third player who helped them as two were already kicked out. I was shocked to find that Timeout had the audacity to ask for the new player for keys, to which I said to NOT SHARE his keys. I said I would report his attitude and then I was kicked out of the party. My guildmate was also kicked out of the party. Deliberately asking for keys with no intention of sharing keys or atleast let the other person know that no keys will be contributed from your end or kicking players once keys are used up OR kicking other players in MP for questioning their bad behavior is BEYOND REPROACH.

    After being kicked, I decided to let everyone in the server know so that they too can be protected.

    If you wish to gain the legendary stones you save your keys for, be with people who would help you out, and who wouldn't take advantage of you.

    FYI: This player used to be part of our guild after hopping from one guild to another. He guild kicked one of the guildies from our guild because they were "fighting" in a MP, I should've listened to my gut instincts when I learned of his attitude when he guild kicked our guildie without proper authority. Despite his bad attitude in the guild, I still tried to give him a chance and help out in MPs when I can. BUT THIS IS END OF LINE.

    So, beware. This same dude, has been reported to us from other guilds as likes to "hack" on other peoples account, I cannot verify the veracity of that report however I can attest of his atrocious acts unbecoming of any player.

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    Thanks for reporting to us.

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      Same goes for Devilgene and BloodKing on S29/S31 and the others servers that were merged with them.


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        timeout has proven so much that he isnt to be trusted.When I was in Pirates on S9,he was in our guild and got booted for spamming,him and his alts.He has done this to so many people,including one of the guild leaders in Pirates.We were doing Spire and the guild leader was on his alt,and because the alt was a lower level,he booted him without even asking him to leave and didnt say anything to him at all....He isnt a very fair player and something needs to be done.


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          @Syndal: If you can do a campaign and ask people to completely ignore him until he proves himself to be better, it may work out.
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            Originally posted by DeathRiver View Post
            @Syndal: If you can do a campaign and ask people to completely ignore him until he proves himself to be better, it may work out.
            When I logged in today, I saw a commotion in World Chat (well, you know when the chat gets super busy) and voila, he was at it again! Seems he duped some guys and used their keys and started kicking AGAIN. Oh well...We did warn, and frankly I thought he would shape up (since he stayed on the downlow for a few weeks)...goes to show a scammer or con artist will just be that, a con-artist! So Server9&15 beware of this dude!