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again about hacking Wartune.

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    first of all i dont know that guild u talk here about and idc about it, not my server...
    second, that wartune being hacked from begining is a proven fact, and these idiots been banned one after another all this time, but some smart ones just cover the illegaly obtained balens with real top ups which makes it just hard to notice, i doubt GMs actually use calculators and count income and outcome of balens per acc (but they should to)
    another thing is stat boosting. it doesnt leave trails. only way to know exactly time and activity so tech team can manually check the values (damage in this case) and compare to account real stats (not hard to do, they know the formula atk - def and can see if values extreemly different)
    just as now on forum this leads nowhere than 2 sides of arguing hack or no hack. and usually 1 side is the one yelling PROOFS!!! SHOW US PROOFS! SHOW US SCREENSHOTS!!! BLABLA!!!! which makes me sometimes think.. wait, why they fight so hard and tryin to prove there is no hacks,, why???? hmm, maybe they want ppl start thinking they all pros and stop report to minimize risk? or to cover some friend/guildie?

    known places to hack is:
    low lvl BG's (this is most simple to explain it with - im dumb camper, 7 month old account of lvl 36 thats why i can 1 hit u and u hit me only 200s)
    arena (mostly) there can see so many groups of 2 total noobs and one *pro* who doesnt even have full lvl 35 set and 2 hit lvl 49 ppl with 20-25k BR (used to get legit friends pvp rank top 20/insig)
    GB (seen in one server how noobs pwn ward tower in 5-10 mins (i said noobs)

    about the idiot who say earlier something like:
    all these videos on youtube are accounts lvl 6, why no lvl 60s.....

    ok if u so smart to understand i tell u, who u think would just show to everyone his lvl 60+ acc to get it banned? even if he can mak new and hack again after ban, no1 want to just waste time for nothing... or would u???
    also another reason is, that person alrdy got banned, so he now shows it in public (or he just never play// or he just got boored of it and moving to next one)

    but yeah 100% of these vids on youtube r fake, u almost never find real hacks on youtube or in google... unless some idiot wh got it decide to become *cool* guy to make it public and get few likes...

    only hack comunity members who been there for long enough know where to look for the real hacks.. bc if all hacks was in public, non of them would work for more than half day..

    and here i talk in my own experience, i seen how half server in one game got banned overnight just for WPE-p and simple debuggers/dampers hacking..... (thats a thounsands ppl, lots of us who remain in server knew their names and we know they disapeared and never came back again. so bans were real afterall, and its a browser game also)

    so dont come to me telling BROWSER games cant be hacked or that WARTUNE is a special one and cant be hacked, everything can be, even a simple progs can do some of it...
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      Crystaloids sold in shop monthly.
      Legend stones guild shop, epic miraculous gift pack every month, class wars.

      Just **** you noob, quit complaining because people have stuff you don't.


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        Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
        As I stated in my original post, no cash, 3 days, no WB... no way of obtaining the needed gold. Impossible to get Lv 5 Orange astrals. So learn te game first.
        If you start the game with a main and 5 dummy charcters, leveling those dummys to be within 10 Levels of the main, stockpile gold on the dummys, and use the main to raid them daily, you can make in excess of 3 Mil gold per day via Plunders. It ain't that hard. You know what 3 Mil Gold per day gets you at level 40? Crazy Astrals. That's what.


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          Guys look at the date of this thread... This is from May that's 5 months ago. Stop the freaking necro posts.


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            ringogold, u also seem to completely forget about nightmare key runs, u get a ton of loids and stones from 50 summons per key run, this cuts down the time to make lgndry eqpmnts.