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ASAP. My character is doomed..

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  • ASAP. My character is doomed..

    Good Day Gms.

    Recently, i opened my wartune account, but after i opened it, my character seems to be gone..

    After i logged on, the only button that i see in my screen is create new character..

    what happened to my character? I asked my guildmates if my Character(in-game) if it is still there, and they replied to me yes.. and Im wondering why my
    character isnt usable.. is it a bug? or just the server's problems..

    I looking forward to you reply as soon as possible..

    I miss playing wartune T____T

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    are you sure you clicked the correct server?or did you clicked a new server?


    • #3
      i am very sure.. s217


      • #4
        whats your character name at least?