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forgotten catacombs

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  • forgotten catacombs

    hey guys im a lvl 55 knight and i am looking for advice as to what i need to complete lvl 80 catacombs i have lvl 36 templars what stats troop lvl and astrals do i need minimum to get passed?

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    it mainly relates to your battle ratting, so whats your battle ratting?


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      Not really anything to do with your battle rating more like your Stats. You need 7500+ MDEF, and at least 9000 PATK i think, also depends on how you use your skills.
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        Maybe a print with your stats would help


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          People can usually beat the lvl 100 with about 37k BR and lvl 45 templars.

          Of course, this depends on the class, your actual stats, your tactic (rune timing, skill usage), so I've seen people who have beaten the catas with the (base!) BR of 32-36k. Most people can easily get 3-4k in buffs so this should happen at about your level.

          So, what should you do as a knight:

          - get one (at least) lvl 4 patk and mdef socket (and prefferably HP) for every equip you've got
          - get the guild skills power, defense and endurance to at least 6 - prioritize power and defense
          - get the PATK and MDEF astrals to at least 4
          - save MDEF, PATK, Troop Count scrolls, use everything you've got if it means you can get over 38k BR (BR really isn't the issue here, but it does reflect your power)
          - get some block to get some sustain

          - use runes a lot:
          -> rage runes as soon as possible to deliver a strong attack (think this through, depends on how much damage you deal maybe you should just attack normally)
          -> guardian runes for area attacks, especially after being debuffed
          -> self heal runes for whenever you're damaged
          -> if you use them at the beginning of the fight you'll be able to use them again by the end
          -> use them only if you won't miss a turn because of it

          - use the debuff time:
          -> if you get debuffed, use that time to get rage, heal up, cast the shield or something that is not just dealing damage

          - use skills:
          -> don't just randomly click stuff, use it wisely (try double hitting, don't use whirlwind etc.)

          Actual stats for a knight:
          9000 PATK (+-1k), 7500 MDEF(+-500), 1000 Troop Count(+-100), 35k HP (+-5k), 1k block (+-500)

          Since it really depends on your strategy and luck, I can't really say the exact minimal stats for sure, but it should be about this number.

          And a hint about getting your stats up that high ASAP:
          There are many power sources in this game. If you want to use them optimally, don't max out one and then start with the other. Level them in parallel, depending on how much resources you've got. For example, get guild skills to 5 and astrals to 4 (yellow) paralelly - then get guild skills to 8 and astrals to 5, the guild skills to 10 and astrals to 6.


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            hmm i cleared lvl 100 with about 8.5k patk n 7k mdef when i was at 55 , just do double attack slash n ultislasher, n shield n yr delphic or whatever.

            U can afk at lvl 100 cata once u hit about 9k mdef.
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              Your templars are the problem; they're *way* too low level.

              Tharlyci clears 90 without boosting -- with just under 32k BR and L54 templars.

              Click image for larger version

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                Hey, I am a lvl 55 knight, and I passed lvl 80 yesterday (just after I leveled to 55, couldn't do it before that) in my pvp set. I have only 3 lvl 4 mdef gems socketed, but my templars are lvl 49. So probably that's the problem


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                  Originally posted by R24484207 View Post
                  hey guys im a lvl 55 knight and i am looking for advice as to what i need to complete lvl 80 catacombs i have lvl 36 templars what stats troop lvl and astrals do i need minimum to get passed?
                  Troops lvl really helps too.
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