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friend of mine has been hacked

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  • friend of mine has been hacked

    hi, GM..
    I'm ZXC(s61) rouge lvl53 scion

    My friend doOob(s61) has been hacked ... kindly plss ban do0ob for the mean time cause a hacker has an access to (s61)do0ob's acc. i asked for temporary banning so that if the hacker
    wants to transfer or even delete the character.. he wont be able to do this cause its been banned.. kindly pls help us resolve this problem.. some of us saw that do0ob..
    manually deleted us 1 by 1 on his friendlist.. even in guild . he left. kindly plss trace the current IP address of the hacker so that he won't gain access again in destroying your precious game..

    plss help us :'(

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    Hi did they use a chopper to hack him , a knife or an axe?
    I mean from the title that's how i see it.
    Five Sylphs for the Heros in wartune,
    Two for the Whales in their deep blue ocean,
    Three for Mortal Men doomed to die,
    One for the Big Whales on their dark throne
    In the Land of Wartune where the heroes lie.
    One sylph to crush them all, One sylph to kill mobs,
    One sylph to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
    In the Land of Wartune where the Moby duck lie."


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      What did your friend do to gave the other access?
      And: you can't transfer nor delete a character. Just seriously mess it up, but neither of those two.

      Lol R21577189! no chainsaw I hope! *shudder*


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        yea ban the hacker!