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[Divine Blessing Skill]Works or doesnt works correctly ?

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  • [Divine Blessing Skill]Works or doesnt works correctly ?


    Hey guy , I'm here to talk to you about the following spells , In the descriptions he has written: +20%Pdef +20% Health and +20% Healing recevied , Health and Pdef works but Healing recevied ? I try with suntoria :

    Actually :

    34.163/100X 6 = 2049,78

    And theory:

    34.163/100*6= 2049.78 +20%=2459.736(2460 fixed)

    I figure this can be done is purposely, I try with a rune in the descriptions he wrote in 3000 HP heal:

    Actually :

    One time : 3924
    Two time : 3600
    Three time : 3980

    Why two runes on three I receive an excess of care? is on the heal spell I just do not get this 20% bonus? Bad descriptions? Passive bugged? I ask you what you think,

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    The Knight passive skill do not have any effect on suntoria, just like it does not on the 4% healing from block. It helps Blessed Light and Restoration heals.


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      You only can take skill bonus, class pasives dont give you bonus


      Crit Mage 80v
      ~135k Br



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        As was already stated, it is a modifier for mages direct healing spells. It is functioning as intended.