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Get rid of stun

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    Originally posted by Gramps1 View Post
    Stun is mainly for human on human battles. And it pretty much only works against lesser rated players.

    The problem is, the strong player doesn't need stun, because he's going to win anyway, so all it does is make a bad situation worse for the weaker player.

    One example from battleground; I'm going against a guy that has lvl 59 (!) templars versus my level 31. It's obvious I'm not going to do much damage. But now he uses stun and I don't even get a shot off. I fought him maybe 6 times during the last battleground and at least half the time, I got no shot on him at all.

    Battleground should have at least some risk to the bigger player. To a large extent, stun takes that risk away. Drop stun or make it work equally for the lesser player.

    so wrong on so many levels, many times iv hit a player a good levels higher then me with stun, BUT, because they done run off n leveled up WITHOUT upping their talents I have won the battle. pvp, arena et all.

    Depends so much on how a player plays