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In-game GM interaction

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  • In-game GM interaction

    Can the GMs please be given training on how in-game communication works? The combined S2/S7/S11/S18 has recently had an official GM presence, but the GM didn't appear to understand the chat system.
    • The GM in question has been using large bullhorns to ask specific players to PM him when they get online.
      We told him that he should mail the players, because offline players will not see the large bullhorn message when they log in.
    • He said it didn't matter if players didn't see the message, because he had a lot of large bullhorns.
      That's nice. Players have to pay for large bullhorns after they use the first free one, and every time he used one to ask a player to PM him, he wiped out the messages players paid to broadcast. There were birthday messages being sent at the time that the GM was broadcasting his PM requests.
    • He knew the names of the players he was trying to contact, so if they were online, he could PM them himself.
      Instead, several players had their blue messages repeatedly overwritten by his requests for PMs.

    Seriously. If the GMs can have a large supply of large bullhorns, then surely they can be given a gold supply to use the mail system (or just have free mail - they are officially working for R2, aren't they?). That would solve the problem of players not seeing the messages, and also the problem of GMs wasting people's money by removing their large bullhorn messages prematurely.

    This isn't an attack, so the GM's name has intentionally been left out of this message. Please consider your players and their money.

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    nice one GMs...


    no further comment



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      You could file a ticket about this, rather than posting it here.
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