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World Boss And Guild Battle Suggestion

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  • VileVictor
    started a topic World Boss And Guild Battle Suggestion

    World Boss And Guild Battle Suggestion

    With all these new merges it is increasing the players on each server.

    Thus i propose when a merge happens how ever many servers are merged that the World Boss HP is increased accordingly. So if 2 merge together then it is
    doubled, if it is three that merge then it is tripled. I just went from a 1.6% to a 0.57% because of the merge.

    With the Guild Battles it would be a good idea to take it back to the top 16 or top 20 alliances as there are so many established guilds all merging into one server
    that many people are losing out.

    I hope this suggestion is taken on board ASAP as it is affecting many peoples gaming experience and i am fed up with watching people complaining about it even
    though i do agree with them.

  • CondorHero
    WB's hp will fix itself.

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