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Several Suggestions in One

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  • Several Suggestions in One

    I thought it might be prudent to list multiple suggestions on one page for ease of access. So, here goes nothing!

    First off, remove Balens from seeds entirely. There is no benefit for the F2P player whatsoever in leveling the farm up passed a certain point. Once seeds start costing balens, one is, for all intents and purposes stuck there. That person can no longer advance their gameplay without spending money as things get more and more expensive, yet they are forced to use the same low level seeds. If you prefer an analogy, it's like playing a P2P RPG, we'll call it World of Wartune. You are lvl 70 now, and saving up for that new weapon that costs 10 million gold, but you are forced to farm your money in a level 20 area where you can get MAYBE 100 gold an hour. It's useless.

    Next, think about implementing a feature to convert scrolls. Such as a M-ATK scroll to a P-ATK scroll. This would be insanely useful to pretty much everyone in my opinion.

    Third, consider a method to synthesize potions. I am level 54 currently. A level 1 defense potion (of which I have about 75) is useless to me, and I still get them every day as rewards for various activities.

    Fourth, most cooldowns have an option for balens or vouchers. That's one the great balancing points for P2P/F2P. However, why do the cooldowns for blitzing, mystery shop, and even bounty hall have no option for using vouchers? This would be another way to help the F2P players and enhance all around gameplay. Additionally, it will help balance out some of your monthly events that have rewards that are unattainable for even the most dedicated of players simply because they don't have the money to spend in game to get them. Most of the mounts that I have seen in the monthly events require a player to spend either a little, or a great deal of money in order to obtain. Making some of these events/cooldowns available with balens AND vouchers would please a great deal of people.

    Fifth, World Boss. This is supposed to be a 1 hour event, yet it never lasts longer than 15 minutes? This is a multifaceted suggestion. First off, double or triple the World Boss's HP. This would help significantly. I know you likely have an algorithm that adjusts the WB HP in accordance with how long it has taken to beat them. So, double it! In any case, second suggestion with this, set up world boss so that it is based on class. Archers in one WB, Knights in another, and Mages in a third. Just like battlegrounds are set up in sets of 10 levels (30-39, 40-49, etc). As it stands (on most servers from what I can tell) if you are a knight, you're not in top ten, if you're a mage you're not in top 5, possibly not in top ten. This hurts classes that don't happen to be archer... help us balance the classes!

    Finally, I know this sounds bad, but get over yourself. This game is essentially a cheap flash game with a decent dynamic. This isn't some game with epic graphics and insane game time. Aside from events that occur on a daily basis at set times (i.e. world boss, guild battle, etc), I can finish everything there is for me to do in this game in under an hour and a half. Then, I'm sitting here waiting for events with nothing to do. These are restrictions that, while help to balance the game, make it just that, restricted. As such, there is NOTHING in this game that would ever be worth $500 USD like that mount that you had a while back for spending 50K balens. Think about taking care of your customers, and you'll have more of them. Consider adding features that everyone will love that don't cost so much money. Consider lowering the balen costs for everything to what they are on the chinese servers. And above all, not everything has to be about money. Just a little business advice for you, if you have a decent product and you charge a high price for it, you're going to make some money. If you have a highly popular product (which this game is losing popularity judging by all the server mergers you have to continually do), and charge very little for it, then you will make even more profit, even though your profit margin is lower per sale. Honestly, you are selling pixels, regardless of the manpower involved, you have no base cost for your product. Sell it cheaper, sell WAY more of it.

    Thanks for reading my great wall of text, I look forward to some feedback on it!
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    1. I don't really see what difference removing seeds that cost balens would make. In every aspect of the game balen users have an advantage, but how many times do you really see the top level seeds planted in someone's farm?

    2. This would be quite a good idea. The only problem is, I don't think that you get enough scrolls to convert. The only one's I don't use are MATK for example, and I get 1 of those every 3-5days on average. But the idea is not a bad one, so have to agree with it on the whole.

    3. Yes I would like that synthesis also

    4. I think that the CD timers really need to be looked at and reduced if not removed. 16hrs for 1 cooldown on research is a little much, especially when there are 12 that you want to research.

    5.1 I really don't see how this would change things. Everyone would get more, and as such would have no inherent effect on the outcome of an individual's game. Granted it would speed up things like enchantments and astral levelling and guild skills etc, but no advantage would be gained by this. You will not be able to close the gap to another players quicker, or become stronger than that player due to the fact they have access to exactly the same increase that you do.

    5.2 Just a plain and simple NO. There is a perception that archers dominate the WB to such an extent that it unbalances the game, and this is just untrue. Archers do gain more gold/daru at WB, but there are no advantages long term for an archer due to this. If it was such an advantage, then towards end game the archer class would be OP. In reality even with all the extra gold/daru, an archer can not compete against Mage's or knights in PvP. Just go to the cross server rankings and look for the mass ranks of archers that dominate due to the UNFAIR advantage at WB - oh there is none because there are even splits of classes in the top 20.
    There may well be a way to have split class WB's, but you have to look beyond the initial change and see the repercussion that happen in other areas of the game.

    Finally - I agree with what you say in principal, it is ludicrous for me to pay $500 dollars for a virtual horse that I do not actually own, but not everyone feels the same way. I can not start to dictate how others spend their own money, just look at how many people actually bought that horse
    R2 games know this, and as such there will always be high cash rewards offered.

    The fact is that the game is designed in such a way that you need to spend money to compete. Or you can just acknowledge the fact that you can't compete with the mega cashers and play the game to suit your own budget.
    The further you go into the game, the more money you need to spend if you want to stay competitive. You could not start on a new server now and hope to be in any way, shape or form competitive without spending massive amounts of money.
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