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  • hackers

    how is it posseble that are many hackers on server 156
    why i tell this i work olmost 24 ourers whit out dirty playing to do al my upper grades
    and than i mean most all uper grades
    to put my br higher
    but after al upergrade mine br is stil low for my level
    dont tel me about astra red upergrade to level 6 ore what ever it didt not help
    and dont tell me they pay because they upper grades not give you so mant br that ever iff you pay you cant upper grade iff you didt all
    thats why i know that on server 156 are many hackers and players white a proggie i think they game makers most do somethings abouit it
    because im tired from 24 ourers play whit out good result ever after al upper grades i cant win
    from dirty player
    if the makers dont do something about dirty player i quit this game because i do al for nothing i cant win from dirty player i play normal

    they fun is cone thanks to dirty players

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    We need proof.
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      How do you prove a cheating player ???


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        Empty words, yet again. I hate to say this, but 'Pic it or it didn't happen'.
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          You haven't told us your level, or br. You haven't told us theirs, or how much they gain to become the "Hackers" you say they are, and you also have no evidence be it a screen shot of them actually doing it, or them bragging about it in the server. There is not much the devs can do, if there is no proof at all. Some people do actually spend a stupid amount of money to get the chars up very high in a short amount of time.
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            i know the r2 game makers know about dirty playing and they like it
            i have to proved nothing
            r 2 games most do they jobs
            and we have a credit crisis in the world country s whit out money and normal jobs
            just how you can pay iff you have no job
            how you can work iff you 24 ourers online on this game

            just dont tell me nothing about this how many people can pay really for this game
            iff there is not jobs on the world
            r2 are stupid and must do they job good and but dirty players out the game
            i dont have ti do that but i know r2 games dont care about
            dirty playing they care about paying


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              You have not proven anything yet.
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                Dear me, the only one dirty here I see is you, throwing acusations around, directed at everyone like that.

                If you think people need to sit at their computer 24h to be online all the time, then you don't even know how to manage your time for work. And if your BR is low for your level, as you see it while having "EVERYTHING at UPPER GRADE", then you don't even know what "UPPER GRADE" is. Noobs come by everyday and say whatever they want, just to prove that they are noobs.
                The Last Remnant OSTs Go!!!