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  • Tournaments

    Have tournaments between 4 man teams each team pays small balens fee to enter but prizes are legendary gear or nice balens make it worth it and match the people up by br's

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    And what about the free players? Not all of them do the "Free Balens" each day, so how would they be able to enter it. Need to give them a way as well.
    Wartune's Cookie is retired. In game drama and Cashing is outrageous. Enjoy peeps!

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      Think this would be a pretty good idea with a couple of changes.

      As a four man team you will get 4 mages teaming up together, who 9 times out of 10 would beat any other team not composed of 4 other mages. This is due to their ability to spam 3 or 4 AOE's in a row. Don't really know many archers/knights that would stand upto that sort of punishment.
      The solution would be to make this a 3 man team like the arena, but the team must consist of 1 player from each class. This way at least you would get some skill involved in the fighting, not just AOE, AOE, AOE, AOE game over!

      Secondly drop the balens idea. This would just become another way for the mega cashers to surge ahead and become unbeatable. Make it free to play or at worst make it so that vouchers need to be used. That way everyone can play and you are not excluding players for the lack of balen/cash they are willing to spend on this game.

      Finally. Have a cap on how many times this can be completed. Make it so you can have 30 runs like arena for example, and you can run 3 times per week, giving a total of 90 attempts per week.
      At the start of the week, make teams enter the tournaments and then choose when they would like to compete. Have 2 or 3 slots per day that can be chosen by the player. After they have chosen their time slot they would not be allowed to change it. They don't show, they lose their attempts for that time slot.

      Edit: Also I forgot to add that the Holy Seal should be disabled for the tournament. Actually force players to come up with strategy/skills instead of relying on HS and mass AOE to win.
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        nice one McF, u saved me writing all that lol! tuesday thursday saturday would be good and give us something extra to do on those no GB days! but as has been said before "this will never happen as 7road has not made it"