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Lvl 50 Set

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  • Lvl 50 Set

    So, im a lvl 56 archer, and im going to stop lvling at lvl 58 to get stronger (like pretty much everyone does), now, ive heard that the lvl 50 set is in fact, better than the 55 pvp set, is it true? Anyways, i want to get it, and someday, get it to legendary, for anyone who plays wartune everyday, and does all 3 MPs everyday, how long should it take to get the 800 crystaloids?(without summons, just finishing the mp). Thank you for your time.

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    800 crystaloids.. 6 minimum per day = 134 days.

    It is far superior than PVP set, and more important for Archers. It'll help in your 60s, and help a great deal in PVP situations. (Spamming Armor Piercer)


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      I, as a mage, skipped 50 and went straight for 60 .. I don't regret that, but I won't tell you not to do it.

      For mages and archers, pve is hands down better than pvp because of the extra rage. (For knights a little less obvious because they have tons of rage anyway). The ignore pdef will quickly be made up by the spamming of skills.

      As an archer, you'll need to deep freeze and scattershot mobs in Den and Temple (the 60 and 65 multiplayers). The rage consumption for this as a solo archer is more than you can produce in PVP gear without runes. So you either need to kill it quick, use rage runes, or have a 2nd archer. In pve gear, that would no longer be an issue. You will easily have the rage to DF, scatter, and still have some to throw into armor pierces or an occasional incendiary shot.

      For pvp, spamming of skills like armor pierce or basically always having the rage to lunatic fire again as it comes up will win you plenty of battles. My brother commonly delphics people in group arena just because he can, not because he got lucky with procs, or we need it to win. He literally generates more rage than is necessary to fight most arena fights.


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        hey zaaqen I was thinking of getting the 60 pve also as a mage.

        only prob is where do u find more crystaloids? Is there a way cuz Moon Den only gives so many? How is Temple?


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          dude go serch a team who all will colect keys and u have 1 item evry 2 weeks or even less days, w/o summoner making 50 lvl set pve is a huge pain, but im sure its worth doing it for archer. im 59 lvl still frezing slowly and got nearly 2 items.


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            I am mage and to me its the best thing that's happend to me so far, the only archer i have problems with is the only pve archer, even though other archers is on equal stats... The skill spamming is outragously effective.