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Adding a Battlegrounds.

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  • Adding a Battlegrounds.

    Can you guys please add a battlegrounds during the Dungeon and Stamina Reset. That's the only time i get to play during the weekdays. And i would really like if get a battleground when im playing the game, because i like the battlegrounds a lot. & Im getting super tired of being a Elite Warrior forever. Thank you, and please consider my request.

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    This is a good idea. I support this.

    Battleground at the Dungeon and Stamina Reset, and one hour later, if we can get one hour of 3 vs 3 group arena, it will be great.


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      greeed much sirs? BG used to be only twice a day.. now there a way more than it used to be.. and now you guys asking for more? just because your available playtime dont go along with BG hours?

      selfish suggestion i would say..


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        Adding 1 more BG wouldn't cause any harm. But the main thing is there won't be a lot of players during reset.

        I wouldn't mind it though.
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          To be fair there is already enough BGs through out the day, and the last one is near tree reset.

          But i do have to admit, from tree reset to stam reset, there is nothing to do. I wouldn't mind another BG, just to kill time lol
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