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Set items chance in MPD

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  • Set items chance in MPD

    i suggest to slighty incrase drop chance on mpd 40+ and upper to get items for sets in final reward. Why that? cuze its nearly not posible to get even 1 piece of them as a reward.. over nearly 2 mouths i run always 3 times each day GoD mpd (most of time NM mode), and i saw only once full drop item, and a mage got knight helmet... most of pples dont not even try to make, pve sets, they quiting b4 wasting 2-4 mounths to get, a sometimes good reward from making mpd, wuld give the pples who not spend tons of hours evry day in game a chance to complet those sets, and if some one got a item reward, he is happy and have will to play and continue colecting items...about myself i dun rly care that my sugestion will be fine, u gonna make it or not, i wasting tons of time in this game and im 40k br 59 archer, still completing pve leged.. but there arealso pples who dont have so much time as me u shuld think about others too.

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    Did you know, that you can synthesize PVE set's using crystaloids ?
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      read post twice, think twice, then write.


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        I read your post in its entirety.

        I played this game since Oct 29, 2012.

        Grinded like crazy. Got a bit tired. Sometimes this game feels more like a chore than enjoyment.
        I grinded till I got my 60 set. But now, they make it easier whereby you can pay cash to get crystaloids. It should make life easier for you now. If you can't afford the time, spend the money.
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