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    Originally posted by Billy_McF View Post
    Nope, what i should have said has been said by shynnblu in post #50 on page 5.

    this game is a copy from the chinese version. and if you guys even read the chinese version forum, none of them would even say archer dominates in any aspect. its all about saying knights and mages are better than archer there.

    So as everyone agrees that the chinese servers are the foundations of this game, it is safe to assume that their late game findings are accurate as to what will happen here.

    In essence, for all the "advantages" archers get from WB/DA, they still suck. Mages and knights will dominate them in the long run and all that extra gold and daru is useless against 2 superior classes!
    So if you altered the takings at WB, in effect you would be bringing about the demise of the archer class altogether. Imagine how inferior archers would be without all that extra "advantage".
    So you mean Knights and Mages do better in late game?when they reach lvl80 and when there nothing what to do anymore?so when there is nothing what to do anymore the only left thing to do is to quit.:P
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      Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
      1. Yes

      2. Without the Warrior/Apollo prize. Also, it's immaterial if he's on pots/scrolls. If he is, then we are at least equally potted and he beats me. If he is not, that's worse -- it just shows how broken the system is.
      How do you figure that? Archers have passives that add 20% crit. if he has a 5% crit scroll and you have a 5% crit scroll the archer is still gaining more crit. On top of the fact, with that bonus I would assume without scrolls the archer would still have more crit than you. I feel like your also basing this on pure stats where in WB the skills used play a pretty big role.

      Idk, I feel like if you can make it in the top 10 you are at least making more gold/daru than most of your server, for me that is good enough but to each their own.


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        anyway guys,i think making boss do standart dmg will fix this problem
        Everything You Say, Can and Will Be Used Against You !!!!!


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          Yeah archers own on wb, special after last nerf. Yeah we have 20% on as,100% ms and 20% on ds, but if archer use this skills, mage eat him with same crit. Archer can max dmg only with ap setup...sad before last patch with 2300 crit i have better rate then Now with 3500 crit and red astro...And that is unfair. How much crit i need for good criting Now? 6000? Or 10000 like china players with 150k br. You cry becouse you see archers on top in wb, now get ready for crit mages - he own all areas ...


          Crit Mage 80v
          ~135k Br