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  • change wilds structuring

    At present,its a nightmare searching for people in the wilds(dunno if its only on my server or on every server).
    sometimes i end up spending an hour or more,find no player to plunder

    I suggest you create a mini-map for the wilds,and display on it where the player's castles are.
    it would greatly ease more hiding at corners and such :P
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    I sort of like this idea, and at the same time I don't.

    I also hate having to wander around the wilds looking for a target, but like the fact that others also have to waste time looking for my city. A double edged sword so to speak.


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      try to save your battle report. for coords
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        Well just enjoy wilds a little bit more.
        Upcoming patches will give us a new "Wilds" called SkyCity.
        It is where you do your PvP and PvE things. Your home castle will now only be useful for upgrading and collecting levy.
        No more wilds will be soon...
        That means no more plundering, collecting gold mines, or that extra daru.
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