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some things i feel we need

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  • some things i feel we need

    in BG:
    we all know how annoying those pests are that dryad hunt us... so i suggest this: for every dryad lvl they have they take that much less honor from u. That would be totaly fair to the rest of us who are getting screwed by those useless players. Not to mention those who are non vip losing up to 400 honor cos of them. Yes its bg but that 400 honor is stacking up on ppl like that and rly hurts. And dont say start dryad farm as well cos i hate this and im not the only 1.

    70+ mp needs summoner or u expect us to farm 1 year and more for that, lol

    Unlock those 3 additional farm slots already

    Rework that guild wheel... about time we stop getting useless exp books and 2k daru/gold etc. out of that **** when we need that in millions.