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    Originally posted by Zaaqen View Post
    You didn't even take the entire sentence when quoting me, but it was explained what I meant already. Anytime you lose honor, that is removed from the cap. So if you lose 4 honor or 400, that much is removed from the 3000 cap for the day.

    So the cap starts at 3000. Then every single time you lose (unless VIP 9) the cap is effectively lowered for the day.

    its like this, you can only make 3k per day. If you lose 400, then how much can you make? 2600 u can earn, thats it. So the cap isnt really lowered, but its the same as if they did.
    Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....


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      stop crying,on your way to imperial commander you too must have received drays blessing a number of times and i am sure you too would have attacked some high honor player to gain honor. so when you do its allright when someone does the same thing to you, you start crying and start blaming the gameplay you are a a**


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        Originally posted by AnataOFAkku View Post
        Resource guard take from you -200 honor...not good idea
        Only takes 120 from me lol
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          is true now the bg sux no only have figth against people from servers oldest that the mine now everyone farm dryad for kill,really this event was more funny before the crossover and same with the arena i dont understand the matching only seach for level and ignore the br any can have 50ks br and figth with people with 60ks or more of br...


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            I used to hate the bg, but now that I am at 70 bg and everybody is higher level, I dont care. I dont have to defend my level, just collect my shards and get killed a couple times by lord divines for dryads. If somebody dares attack me after 2 or 3 dryads, they get what they deserve now, leave me alone and LET ME CART, DAMNIT!
            Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....