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    Here's some suggestions. 1. Don't merge servers within 2 weeks of just having been merged. The merge causes loss of guild battle rewards etc. which you do NOT properly compensate for. Also when you are merging servers, multiple times, it isn't really fair to merge a server that has existed for less time, with one that has existed longer, twice right in a row. Once was enough. Why not merge with a server that has existed for less time than us this time around? You don't even give people time to adjust to one merge before you merge us yet again. Here's an idea. If you stop creating new servers, and stop paying already existing players balens to sign up on a new server, then perhaps the existing servers wouldn't die out. But all you do is redirect attention to newer servers and screw the players that have been around for awhile.... That's why the servers die off, because r2 just keeps creating more and more!

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    yeah dats right,
    so plis stop recharge to all sweet balenor before they stop make new server every week,
    cant u atlast make it every 2 or 3 mont
    sigh they to greedy, and u all to stupid
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