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    I notice all these 170+ servers being merged, I assume they are as dead as Server 1 is. Suggestion, merge Server 1 with 2-3 others so we can have a decent population to run mp's and the multitude of other tasks/ events u dump on us. I'm sure Server 1 isn't the only dead/ dying server out there.

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    The 170+ servers are not dead. But they are a little low stuff.
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    S2 Edena Village


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      s2 already had merga about 6 weeks ago we got 7 and 18 mega s1 with 6 19 and another s2 population is pretty good the now


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        S100 was merg for 1.5 months ago and is alredy close to dead guess is max 100 people left at it.

        must of every server is empty, if not S100 get a merg in 1-2 weaks to its my last weaks in this game.

        I can not be awake 24/7 help people run arount 30 mps a day for help them out for no other is in the lvl for make DT some are active or payers so them has br for done it with out help.

        and all my friends has quit or become very inactive in this game we dont longre care if we lose some mps, party arenas or like that watch a movie its more fun.

        Am have for sure quit before 1.6 if not this server get merg berfore that.
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