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Crypt Keys

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  • Crypt Keys

    Not sure if im unlucky but i used 30+ skeleton keys and got not a single crypt key... just spend balens to get some i would like more to spend it on clothes.

    My suggestion is to add crypt keys in crypt shop or make events with crypt keys reward.

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    i think they just down the % of drop i got 4 months doing all blessins attemps in my guild(18) and take not any key too can be bad luck yes but 18 attemps at day in 4 month i think is much bad luck ....


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      Well, they probably diminished the % drop because players will be buying those of they can't get them for free.
      Some months ago, the "system" channel was spammed with people obtaning those, now there's at most 2/days...
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        YEAH, i get socketing rods out the ying yang, but no crypt keys really, got lucky and got 3, which I had to use for necro, zzzzzzzz.
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