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    Until the first merge we got on our server I was doing pretty good,first merge with OLDER server knocked me back some ... ok fine ... worked hard got back up there ... ok good ... all of a sudden ... merge again ... with even OLDER server .... so in roughly 2 weeks I went from top 10 on my server to like 50th ..... the amount of money I would have to spend now to catch up AGAIN is way too much .... and way to hard on my head ... im only roughly 100$ in over 3 months ... so I can walk away with no worries,just wondering if this is a tactic by r2 to make players frok out cash to catch back up ... or start over anew and spend cash there,already a lot quit or restarted,anyway ill be saying goodbye to this foolishness soon,2 weeks left on vip them im off like the foreskin on a jew

    PeAcE !!!

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    This problem with ppl, play for rank not for fun.


    Crit Mage 80v
    ~135k Br



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      despite what a lot of people think, they merge servers because people quit, activity drops. On my server (166) that happened in about a month and a half of starting. They merged us and the activity was REALLY good but now it seems to be about what it was prior to the merge because over time people quite, activity drops. I wont be surprised if my server gets merged again somewhere in the near future. However merging new servers with ones that are a lot older is just crazy to me.


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        how is getting bitchslapped around by people way stronger because they have a lot more playtime suppose to be fun?i never said anything about rank .... its about the gold,daru I lose everyday now making the leveling grind that much harder and slower ... and I have limited time to play as is ...