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Knight troops!

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  • Knight troops!

    can you help me decide what troop to get angel or knight?? P.S. I am a damager knight.

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    Personally I'd take the knights. They are good troops until the Templars, and besides, the Mass Assault helps you destroy faster the opponents you encounter.
    If you decided for the Angels however, they have good magic attack + the Restore skill that can come in handy if you're getting too punched.
    As far as I've seen, knights are somewhat stronger.
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      Under lvl 50 go with angels. They heal and will save you so much in BG. When i was doing 40-49 BG I almost never even bothered needing to use star points because my angels. If you do go angels make sure you put yourself in front of them to increase their survival. At 50+ go templars the warlocks are just terrible.