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World Boss HP

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  • World Boss HP

    I don't know how it is in other servers, but in my server (57) WB's HP really needs to be increased.
    1) From 15-20 minutes as it used to last before, now it lasts 10 (or 15 if we are very lucky). What is the point with that 1 hour countdown if the boss is made to last little bit past 10 minutes?
    2) Before I used to have the 10 entries for task at the second life, now, if I am lucky, get the 10th entrance in the last one. WB dies way too fast.
    3) Even if I'm increasing my matk, crit and crit dmg percentage, now I earn around 60%-70% from what I used to earn. So I get more powerful and the prizes for this are going down. Where is the logic in this?

    All these is happening for around, let's say, aprox 2 weeks by now and I see that R2 doesn't even think to increase Boss' HP....that's why I opened this topic, maybe this way we are more lucky....

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    If your server kills the WB in less than 10 minutes (approximately), the next day the same WB will increase in HP.
    Conversely, if your server kills the WB in more than 30 minutes (approximately), the next day the same WB will decrease in HP.

    It's self-adjusting.
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      Oh I see, didn't know that, thank you. So I just have to wait from 10-11 minutes to become 9 minutes