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guild battle glitch

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  • guild battle glitch

    I am from server 8 and my guilds name is "Templarios". We go back and forth with the number 1 place between a few guilds. The problem is that we are noticing that the guild named Revolution is purposely removing their gear so it alters their battle rating. You might say "what does that even mean?" To us, as a honest guild, we do not fall to such low means to alter the leader boards. We fight who we fight, when the game matches us up with them. I am not sure how you could fix this but it is pretty pathetic that this guild needs to find ways to cheat the system. They change their battle rating to keep their place on the leader boards by making themselves appear weaker than the guild below them, forcing a change in the match making for guild battles.

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    I seen this done before..i also seen such dirty tactics as players ignoring towers and ward and spawn killing players as they come out of CD and before they can gather together with their guild. I honestly think if any enemy has a need to go behind the ward a warning should pop up telling them to leave or have it so they get a mini teleport back infront of the ward they r suppose to attack.

    I run a guild myself on server 201 US East and we r a honest guild as well though seeing such players who exploit glitch's as bobby pointed out or even spawn camp as i mention above is a insult to the honest going players out there.


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      how about a general meeting spot for each team that is not at the spawn point. similar to the secondary towers maybe have left teams tower at top middle, and right teams tower bottom? this would still require teams to storm each others towers, on opposite sides of the map (as well as protect their own) from one another but not at the spawn, and THEN, have it where if the teams go into the other side, then they get a warning and then killed off as they ignore the warning? Now, back to my problem.. hehehe. anyway, this lowering BR is pretty petty. At least with the spawn camping you can combat that. with the br thing, the only way to combat it, is to follow suit and strip off armor when not in battle... No thanks...


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        It does not really make any sense. The #1 Guild will fight #5 in round 1. #2 fights #6 in round 1 etc. If a guild deliberately makes themselves weak, they WILL fight one of the strongest guilds of the server, resulting in a bigger chance to fail and end up in the bottom 4.