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Ability to transfer servers....

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  • Ability to transfer servers....

    I know my case would likely be different than most other peoples case but when I started playing I was suggested a server via facebook and well sadly its an oceanic server and I'm from the US so most of the content I want to participate in I have to stay up till the wee hours in the morning. Well now that I have come to the realization so late I do not want to loose the progress I have or the items I have invested so much in getting. From what I am told they will not do a server transfer even in my case even though it was the fault of the server suggestion page they have on Facebook. So as a precautionary tale make sure you know what server you are on as well as where its located before you spend too much time as they really seem unwilling to transfer people.

    In note it could even be a pay service like in World of Warcraft like a pay up front fee to transfer servers. It seems to work for them and I cna't imagine it would be that hard for them to do.

    So Please Please enable server transfers and maybe even limit them to low population servers as I'd even be happy with that.