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Expanding Guild Positions

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  • Expanding Guild Positions

    Hello, Haven't seen too many posts on this, so I figured I would make one. It would be very nice to see Assistant G.M.'s have the ability to summon the Tree of Ancients in the Guild Chamber. Traffic, weather, whatever else there is can stand in the way of that sometimes and it is virtually impossible to hand the guild off beforehand. Thanks =)

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    Yes. In the last week my G.M. had connection issues, forgot about the tree and was taking a bath (he did smell nice afterwards, though), and was too sick to get online... So being able to appoint a few Ast GMs that can summon the tree and altar as well would be highly appreciated.


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      You're not the only one who thought about this suggestion. Assistant G.M.'s should have the ability to summon ToA in absence of the Master, but no one really thought they are somewhat the sub-chiefs, while the Master is not online? +1 to it.
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        good idea +1

        One step better would be to give the GM the option of setting a recurring time for the ToA. There is no reason the whole guild should have to miss out because their Guild Master has a life outside of the game.


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          +1 from time to time G.M may not be able to come for tree so assistant should be able to do it.


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            very good ideea,i wanted to post exactly the same thing.......,but u faster than me,so nice point


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              Absolutely good idea, cant believe only 1 person would have the ability.


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                good idea but has flaws. should refine it more.. maybe a G M can assign an asst G M for that specific day to allow summoning of ToA.

                making an asst G M have power of summoning can become abusive (no assignation)


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                  Duplication of topics aside (I just posted on the other one, an exact clone of this suggestion), this is a good idea. Any "abuses" of the power are easily corrected. If it is a permanent addition to AGM privileges, demote AGMS who abuse it even once (though you should be more selective in your AGM picks in the first place). If it can be turned on/off by the GM, turn it off for those AGMS who have shown a willingness to abuse it.