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    change something to be easy for non cash players r2 gaming administration change something maybe add more attemps for dungeons, forgotten catacombs and many things (we) non cashers need support agains cash players Thanks for attention

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    are you ok sir? whats the point of being a casher if you will have a disadvantages to non-cashers?

    i dont get it why people have suggestions/ideas like yours ))


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      I'm not asking you so don't comment again


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        i have right to comment..

        i especially like to comment on posts such as like yours

        ...the "whining-like" posts


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          In most online games, the casher has the advantage over the free player.

          I agree however that the balance in Wartune is so far out of "whack" that it's not funny.

          The cash player should gain an advantage, but at the same time that advantage should be bridged over a period of time for the free player willing to grind away.

          The problem here is cash is king, you can start a new server and be so OP within 2 months if your willing to spend cash. No amount of time or effort can make up this deficit. Servers are spoiled even before they get started like this, so people move onto other servers or games, which impacts all players.