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The Big "Seperate BG by BR or 5 Levels" Thread.

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  • There should be a blue-line like in hockey. Once you cross that curve for the other persons camp, automatically you get 50% less honor.
    There should be a reduction for dryad bombers. If you have dryads and you initiate the attack, 50% less honor.
    There should be a reduction for attacking a person before they cart (hate the people that do it 1-2 seconds early...just as person is grabbing cart). If you attack person in a middle zone without cart, 50% less honor.

    Or even this....a one way path from the spawn area to the carting zone. Enemies can't enter. They can only attack you on your way out.

    In short, set up a zoning system so that people who are carting are less likely to be killed before they cart, spawn camping is not rewarded, dryad bombing is not rewarded, and people can still farm honor.
    Yes, I know it's illogical to think this would happen, but this is just a basic idea of how to make it better for all people.
    Lvl 80 Crit Mage, 298K BR, Aegis ***** G.M. Hells-Gate


    • Here is my strategy for BG: Get Lord Divine, never enter again after.


      • Originally posted by Eskendal View Post
        Here is my strategy for BG: Get Lord Divine, never enter again after.
        nah, i still enter BG even after i got LD and no VIP. I just entered at 19th minutes 50+ second, and afk for 5 mins in spawn.
        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
        Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


        • i have lord divine and enter 2 kills
          yesterday was my first day and i almost failed it

          i am so accustomed to being strong in 50s bg and attacking anyone
          i attacked a 90k br knight

          thankfully i blocked all his attacks and killed him before he could finish me

          only had 500 hp left, that could of ended really badly
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          Class: Archer
          Battle Rating: 275k (with herc br)

          Guild: Black Lotus
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          Originally posted by Wraithraiser
          but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


          • Originally posted by Scyris View Post
            Am I the only one who is sick of being spawn camped by cowards with 2-3 times my br who are to much of a bunch of pansies to actually fight someone who can fight back? I think BR needs to be made far eaiser to get, it shouldn't take 5 months to hit like 40k br especally with how **** of a game wartune is gameplay wise, you could play a real mmo and have some really good stuff in less time than that. I mean wartune is a pretty **** game when you look at it gameplay wise, especally 40 or 50+ when all pvp becomes all about how much real money you've thrown into your mount/slyph and not any real player skill. I am a fan of more balanced pvp, Where people are matched properly, As wartune has shown matching by level does not work, when cashers have way higher br than they should for their levels. I think people should be matched to stuff for pvp based on their br and not levels, if someone is lv 39 with 40k br, they should be fighting others with 40k BR, not in a BG with people with an average BR of like 12k. Or BR needs to be capped, so you cannot go past say, 20k br by lv 39.
            This way such lvl. 39 40k BR would end up with 40k lvl. 60's or 70's. He would be the one who would be spawn killed.
            I got 40k BR in around 2-3 months, but it was a year ago and gathering BR was a way harder those days. Don't forget, while camping on every level range you once reach the moment where every little gain of BR takes a really long time. Then, you should move on to the next level range and gather new equipment, which would give you a few extra thousands of BR points.

            Originally posted by Scyris View Post
            I think BG/3v3 arena needs to match by average BR, and not just by level, this way the cowards will actually have to fight people who can fight back (In bg) and in 3v3 arena you can actually have a decent fight insted,of it being a 1 sided thing more often than not, most 3v3 arena fights go like this: 1 side just dominates the other side, with the losing side not having any chance what so ever, due to how it ignores BR when matching.
            Again, problem with being permamently stunned, then your enemies use sylphs and you're doomed. I often meet some 150-160k+ guys in 3 vs. 3 or BG, but what can I do about it? They cashed a lot more and camped for a lnger time (on lvl. 80 :P).

            Originally posted by Scyris View Post
            Pvp in Wartune is pretty crappy due to how it setup and it gets worse, Most noticably at 50+ when it becomes all about the Slyph and how much real life money you threw into it more than anything. Though mounts at 40 are pretty much as bad, when you can just throw rl money at the game for a massive boost.
            I agree that since sylphs were introduced, cashers (the ones who got orange or nearly orange sylphs with maxed aptitudes) got a way to overpower the rest. In 3 vs. 3 arena we can do nothing to the 150-160k enemy with orange Apollo who 1-shots us with +50% bonus (deals around 140-160k dmg with delphic).
            But after all, it's pay-to-win game. Do you expect devs and publishers to give the same chances to people who pay and who didn't spent a penny?

            Originally posted by Scyris View Post
            All in all, I think wartune needs some changes, br needs to not take so long to get, same for gear, especally gear actually, the dev who though 200 crystaloids for 1 lv 50 piece of gear is a moron on crack is about all I can say about that person, no sane person would toss out a number like that with how **** the drop rate for them is, and it takes forever to get skeleton keys without throwing rl money at them.
            Complaining about how long it takes to gather 50 gear? Gathering 50 gear is like a blink of an eye compared to gatherin 70 gear, where you can't do any key runs and need 400 crystalloids per piece. The synth materials needed for certain gears is really nicely adjusted.

            Originally posted by Scyris View Post
            How do you guys find it fun sitting at the same level for months just to have a somewhat decent chance vs people your own lv? I personally find it quite annoying. I also need to know how boring your life is to actually sit around that long playing a flash based mmorpg locking yourself to a low level. I mean I find pvp no fun in wartune due to how brokenly unbalanced it is due to it being by level and not by BR.
            I've been sitting on 80 for a while. I agree it's a bit boring, but with the new mpd and the new set it became less boring. I hit lvl. 80 right after 80 mpd patch, so I still enjoy upgrading my talents, as well.
            Sitting for ages on low level harms your character. A friend who started in November is 84k BR now without having spent a penny on the game. He hit level 60 with around 45k BR and then he started gathering the 60 set, working on talents and later on honor rank. He's close to IC and he's really enjoying the game at the moment. He's hit lvl. 70 some weeks ago and is running daily LL NM and gathering loids for 70 set. You don't need to camp to become strong. As long as you can do next level mpd, you shouldn't camp. After all, you'll get the same BR as campers, but you'll get it on some higher level. Don't forget about extra astral slot every 10 levels - that also helps a lot.

            Originally posted by Scyris View Post
            Now I'd not mind the time taken to get gear if it was actually ya know.. any fun, insted of just repeating the same boring **** day after day for months. There just isin't much to do in wartune that doesn't just revolve around throwing rl money at it. I haven't seen ONE actual new feature that cannot be pay2wined with balens. Since the game came out. Ihavem't played that long but i;ve checked patch notes, pretty much eveyr new feature is just a way for them to scam more money out of you and alienate the playerbase even more. Hell every event almost ALWAYS seems to be based around you having to spend a ton of balens to get some reward.
            This is pay-to-win game. What else would you expect?

            Originally posted by Scyris View Post
            Most people quit Wartune around level 50, because by then they relize if they don't spend 6 months or more locked at one level or thousands of rl dollars they just can't have much fun with the game and its various systems.
            That's their problem, because they totally misunderstood how this games works. I suppose they were hard campers, who after having hit lvl. 50 realised how much they lost not working on their resistances and their sylphs, and that even new-comers who don't spend a cent, but hit higher levels not to lose any feature of the game are overpowering them.

            Originally posted by Scyris View Post
            One last thing: if your going to make it takes months to up battle rating/get stronger, AT LEAST allow us to toggle exp gain off, SO we will not earn exp till we turn it back on, since that seems to be what the game is all about.

            Just a few things from a Concerned Player. Most people who are too blind to see the games problems will probally just call me a whiner, insted of actually reading this and then noticing what I am saying is pretty damn spot on.
            As explained earlier - while camping on lower levels you lose many crucial features of the game, what makes you stay way behind the ones who hit higher levels earlier.


            • To prevent them from just taking gear off then putting it back on, have the server check every time honor, or points are lost or gained, what the players br's were, if someone is more than say 2k higher than the average autokick with no rewards and the 5 min awol debuff. this should pretty much fix it.