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    hello.. I have played wartune for a while and reset the skills a few times, but I need some help to figure out what is a good skill to use for pvp / world boss .. my secondary skills are pure healing for MPD .. so I need a hybrid skill that is good for both pvp and pve . if anyone like to share plz do, would help me alot

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    This is my Heal spec
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    And this is my WB spec

    My mage is currently level 68 so if you are lower level you won't have as many points. This will however give you a good idea of what skills you may want to take. I opted out of the whole Damnation thing on WB spec because I wanted to max out Meteoric. I can use both specs in PvP with great success.
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      There are two diffrent ways you can go for PvP tree.

      Either you could go for Meteor & Rain of Fire to lvl 3/4, and also take suntoria & restoration.


      You could take Meteor & Rain of Fire to lvl 3/4 and also go for thunderer.

      When you get to later lvl, you can have both.

      When you're an earlier lvl, I would personally suggest the upper one, as it lets you do good in WB (using rain of fire&meteor + bolts) while also doing pretty good to keep troops alive with suntoria & restorations after doing those aoes.
      The advantage with thunderer is that in wbs it hits very hard (however it CAN NOT!! be doubled with.), and the fact that if you got it lvl 2 or higher, and make it kick in when dmg is 50% taken + increase, it will hit hard. Very hard.

      The screenshots above is very good, (the healing tree is perfect, rof, meteor, suntoria & blessed light works VERY good for me in BG, however I strongly recommend a PvE set for this setup(!).
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